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65 - 87 GM Extinguisher Label

1965 - 1987 GM Fire Extinguisher Label (Highway Kit Style)

This GM fire extinguisher label is printed on a heavy gloss white paper to match the look of the original GM extinguishers. A glossy clear protective layer is placed on top of the label to not only give more shine but to help protect the label from scuffs, kicks and scratches for years to come.

Why should you buy a GM extinguisher label from Vintage Correct? CLICK HERE

GM Black/White/Red Label - $45.00 plus shipping* Often sold as part of the GM dealer “Highway Kit” and also alone. This style of extinguisher looks great mounted on the kick-plate of a truck with a smaller bottle. This label was found on fire extinguishers offered by GM dealers from 1965 – 1987. Please state the year you would like to appear on the label.

Customer will need to measure around they extinguisher they plan on using – label will be custom sized to wrap around the bottle properly. 

*Shipping is $10.00 with tracking number. All labels shipped in a reinforced envelope. 

Send a message below detailing the year you want on your label and the name and address you want it shipped to. I take payment through PayPal and will reply with an email address you can send payment to.

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