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FAQ - Answers to commonly asked questions

Why should I choose Vintage Correct labels and decals over anyone else?

  • I feel my labels are the best out there - and I think if you compare pictures of products available from other websites - then you will agree. I have years of experience in the graphic design field and have ensured that each label looks exactly like the originals. Text has to look perfect - the exact same as GM factory. Colors need to match those of the originals. Layout and spacing needs to be perfect. Option information and spelling has to match the truck data books. In addition - you get to see your label during the design process and make sure it also looks perfect to you - before its sent out.

Can I contact you to ask questions even if I'm not ready to order yet?

  • Yes absolutely. Feel free to ask any questions you have. You aren't under any obligation to order anything.

I would rather talk through telephone or text - is that OK?

  • Yes - I don't list my phone number on the website but you can contact me and ask for it if you prefer to ask questions over the phone or text.

What do I need to do to get started?

  • If you have an existing SPID in your truck - all I will need is a picture of that emailed or texted to me. If you don't have the SPID decal in your glove-box then make a list of the options you know your truck has and send me pictures of the interior and exterior. We can then figure out all the options you have on your truck.

Can I add options to those that appear on my original SPID? What if I don't know the proper codes or name?

  • Sure, if that's what you want to do. I can add factory correct option names and codes for the year of your truck and put them in the proper order. Not sure which options normally came on which trim levels of truck? No problem - I can help you with that too. To figure out the options - you will need to send me pictures of the interior and exterior of your truck.

I want to replace my current damaged SPID and can't read the options OR there is no SPID anymore and I don't know the options.

  • Take a good quality picture of the current faded or damaged SPID you have now and send it to me - I can often decipher what the options were. If you don't have a SPID anymore - and are not sure of the options - Take lots of pictures inside, outside and under the truck and send them to me and we can figure out which options the truck currently has.

Will I get to see the SPID or window sticker before you ship it?

  • Yes - I will always send you previews of any items you've ordered to make sure everything looks good to you before I ship.

I want a window sticker but I don't know which dealer my truck was originally sold at. Now what?

  • If you know the state or city your truck was originally sold in - we can choose a dealer in that state or city for the window sticker. Or if you don't know which state it was sold in then you can choose any state you want and I will find all the dealer information needed.

What forms or types of payment do you accept?

  • I prefer to use PayPal for all sales. I mail all items ASAP after payment is complete. If you don't have PayPal you can use check or money order but this is much slower and will increase the time it takes to get your items shipped.

How long will my order take?

  • Orders typically take 1 week from the time you contact me until the time everything is shipped out. It can take longer than that if people have placed orders ahead of you.