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Why buy a Vintage Correct GM Extinguisher Label?

Why buy a Vintage Correct  GM Extinguisher Label? Read more here...

Why should you buy a GM extinguisher label from Vintage Correct?

The extinguisher labels are replicas of the original GM accessory extinguishers available from GM dealers in the 60s and 70s. I designed these labels to be used on extinguishers in show trucks. No detail was overlooked. These labels are available exclusively at Vintage Correct and no where else. 

True GM extinguishers often sell for $500-$1000 or more online. The buyer pays a huge amount of money for a 45 year old correct extinguisher that will almost certainly NOT work in the event of a fire under the hood. The extinguisher looks great in a show but is essentially useless otherwise.

If you want a GM accessory extinguisher that is correct to the year of your truck AND you don't want to stand and watch it burn along with your entire truck in the possible event of a fire.... put one of these labels on a new extinguisher and you have the best of both worlds. Correct GM accessory extinguisher AND you can actually save your truck from being consumed in fire. Don't put years of your time and thousands of your dollars into your truck just to helplessly watch it burn. We should ALL be carrying extinguishers in our trucks.

Combined with a new extinguisher - you'll know you're protected against fire and when the other guys look at your truck they will want to know where you found a correct GM extinguisher!

Finish the total look by also getting one of the correct GM extinguisher inspection tags - available here as well. 

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