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67 - 72 Truck SPID (Options Tag)

1967 - 1972 Chevrolet/GMC Truck SPID - $79.00 plus $10.00 shipping.

See bottom of page for more pricing information.

Pictured above are example SPIDs (options tag) from a 1967 – 1972 Chevrolet or GMC truck. GM used different SPID templates based on the year of your truck. I have all the correct SPID templates custom made for each year. 

Why should you buy a SPID (options tag) from Vintage Correct? CLICK HERE and also read more below

GM LINE TEXT (used for options)

The text used for listing the options in our SPIDs is the same text used by the high speed GM line printers at the factory. This small black text listing the options is without a doubt the number one thing that looks poorly done or “faked” in most reproduction SPIDs out there (The quality ranges from fairly good to terrible). Regardless of why you are replacing your SPID, you want one that looks identical to factory even under the closest inspection. A poorly made SPID can ruin the value of your vehicle.  A close up of our text can be seen in the above gallery and also in the image below. Please take the time to compare them to original SPIDs you will see online or in your own truck. Each letter has the proper ink bleed just as the line printer impact would have made in the GM factory. As well, the original GM line printers did not have the perfectly uniform layout we achieve today with computers. Special attention was given to each character in these custom SPIDs to make sure they don’t look “too perfect” as would be the case if a computer font were used. I DO NOT use a computer font. All text is carefully laid out by hand one letter at a time so that it appears exactly as it did when it came from the GM factory. 

Close-Up example text used in our SPIDs



When these SPIDs were printed in the factory the blue areas had ink bleeding around the borders and most had small marks or inconsistencies as a result of the late 60s and early 70s printing processes. The above examples have some of the small marks and proper ink bleeding seen on SPIDs. These small marks were sometimes the same and sometimes different from factory to factory in each year. I will use the proper template based on which factory your truck was built at. 


If you have a good picture of your current SPID we can make you a new one based on that with extra added options. During the creation process - you will be emailed pictures of your custom SPID and updates can be made - until it looks exactly as you want it.  When completed - you will be sent two (2) identical SPIDs just in case you have a problem installing the first one.


Pricing – (all orders receive two (2) identical SPIDs and clear covers)

  • $79.00 -  for two (2) SPIDs  and (2) clear covers

  • Order a matching Dealer Window Sticker for your SPID and get a discount! $99.00 for both.

  • USPS PRIORITY Shipping including tracking number - $10.00

All payment taken through PayPal. All prices are in USD


Requests for custom work are welcomed. Please let me know what you want and we can discuss a fair price.

If you are interested in ordering this label or would like more information - please submit your information and questions in the form below and I will contact you ASAP.

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