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Why buy a Vintage Correct SPID?

Why choose a 67-72 Vintage Correct SPID? Read more here...

Why order your SPID from Vintage Correct?

I am a huge fan of 67-72 trucks myself and enjoy restoring them too. Anything I sell here has to first be good enough for my own truck. I've designed these labels to be used in show quality trucks. I wanted a SPID for my truck and my father's that was the best. I searched all the options online - and while there are some acceptable options out there - I felt I wanted better. I spent months creating a SPID that I feel is EXACTLY like a factory GM SPID. No detail was missed. Even the flaws that appear in SPIDs made at the GM factory are included in my SPIDs. That includes ink bleeds and breaks - as well as irregularities in the GM printing process.

The main detail that can be spotted as a "fake" in a new SPID is the black text used to list the options. I was able to find actual character castings and imprints from an old high speed line printer identical to the ones used at GM factories and this is what my options text is created from.  I DO NOT use a "pretty close" font - I use the EXACT GM text. Today's computer fonts look too perfect, too uniform and too crisp. A SPID made with a computer font is extremely easy to spot. The text needs to look like it was hammered out with a high speed line printer that had worn spots and ink bleeding exactly like they were created in the factory --- and that is exactly what you will see in the Vintage Correct SPID.

I won't be happy with a SPID until you are. Pictures of your SPID will be emailed to you to make sure it’s perfect before it’s sent out. If that means you need corrections made and pictures resent a few times then that’s what will happen - no problem.  

Not sure what options should be listed with your truck's trim level? I can help you with that. I make sure all the proper codes and numbers are used as well as having them in the correct order. Your SPID will be laid out and read exactly the same as the assembly factory would have created it.

A SPID properly documents which trim level your truck is and which options were added at the GM factory. A missing or unreadable SPID means there is no way to know which options were factory installed and which may have been added later by an owner. The vehicle's VIN # will show information such as body and frame specifics, date of production and the assembly factory location -- but does not give any information regarding trim level or options. Investing in a clear and readable SPID not only completes your truck properly but is also very important to buyers if you ever intend to sell your truck. 

See more information about Vintage Correct SPIDs by clicking here 67-72 Truck SPID (Options Tag) 

Send me a message detailing what you are looking for and we can get started on your SPID right away. 

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